Haldeman Mansion with Chris Fleming
The Historic Haldeman Mansion was built in the 1700's and is haunted with past residents. The mansion is a historic landmark.
Investigation Tickets:
Friday 10pm to 2am
Gettysburg Paranormal Association
Join the professional team of the GPA, Gettysburg Paranormal Association, for a REAL Ghost Hunt TONIGHT! Gettysburg Paranormal Association provides you with an opportunity to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor locations well known for their frequent paranormal activity. Locations are never more than a short drive or walk away. Well worth it to experience an investigation you will never forget!
Chickies Rock with Eric Altman
The area is surrounded in mystery and has claimed a number of lives by fatal accidents, murder, and suicides. There are also reports of strange creatures seen in and around the park including several Bigfoot sightings. Read more HERE.
A walk with Eric Altman to Chickie's Rock and Paranormal Mystery Museum:
Saturday 5:30pm to 8pm
$10 includes trek, and museum admittance.
Union Field Hospital
This location was a Union Field Hospital during the Civil War. Many spirits reside in this large arm house situated along East Cemetery Hill, where many famous battles took place during the Civil War.
Michael Crist Farm
In July 1863, Confederate force congregated on the fields of the Michael Crist Farm before heading south to fight the Union Army. The farm is literally touching the battlefield and was a confederate field hospital during the battle of Gettysburg. The farm was the last thing many confederate soldiers ever saw.
The Daniel Lady Farm
Also the location of Lee's War Council, The Daniel Lady Farm was a Confederate field hospital that saw most of it's casualties from Culp's Hill and Benner's Hill. It has three mass burial areas, as well as an amputation barn that still has soldiers' initials carved and preserved into the walls.
General Reynolds Building
General Reynolds' lifeless body was taken to this ouse after suffering a fatal wound on the first day of the battle on July 1st, 1863. Like many of our other locations, this historical building sits on what was once referred to as "No Man's Land" where the streets ran red with blood.
Sach's Bridge
Located right on the outskirts of the battlefields near Pickett's Charge, the Confederate Army was positioned right across the river from Sach's Bridge. Once the battle had ended they retreated across this bridge, walking right past three Confederate deserters, who were executed and displayed for their crimes. The bridge was also used as a field hospital during the three days of battle.
Teen Investigation:
The teens of Priestly Forsythe will be heading up an investigation for Phenomenology 107. Stay tuned for more details.
Pre-Civil War Home
This location is a Pre-Civil War home located along what was once known as "No Man's Land," where the streets ran red with blood in 1863. Many of the homes along this stretch were converted into makeshift field hospitals during the battle. Just over 100 years after the war, another tragedy occurred here... In the 1980's, thsi locations was the site of a horrific murder.
Pre-Civil War school House
The Pre-Civil War school House stood where Maverick's Calvary Division was deployed. Union and Confederate forces clashed in the wooded area behind the school house resulting in the death of many soldiers.
Gettysburg Ghost Tours
Investigations for Phenomenology 107 are handled exclusively by reputable Gettysburg Ghost Tours. Please visit their webpage for more information.