Whether you’re a diehard believer, skeptic or somewhere in between, Phenomenology is the premier paranormal and pop culture event for anyone intrigued by ghosts, demons, aliens, monsters – and even zombies! Now in its seventh year, Phenomenology is an eclectic and unique convention where investigators from reality-TV paranormal shows and creators of iconic films gather to educate and celebrate. Our diverse programming slate is welcoming to both experienced and new enthusiasts of the unexplained and includes panels on such topics as: Zombies! Horror films! Ghost hunting tips! Demonology! Bigfoot/Cryptozoology research! Alien abduction! Psyhic phenomena! Don’t forget about our expansive convention floor. Along with the chance to mingle and get photos or autographs from our excellent guests, check out booths that cater to zombie make-up applications, research books, investigative tools and gadgets, crystals and metaphysical aids – and, of course, tons of toys, T-shirts and clothing, artwork, and games. And when the sun sets, the spirits rise – and not just the paranormal kind. Our after hours screenings, parties, and events -- such as our Monster Mash gala -- allows attendees to party down with guests and socialize with fellow convention-goers. Come join us at Phenomenology! We can’t wait for you to have such a good time, it must be considered paranormal!.


In alphabetical order:

  • Adventure Myths'
    Jonathan Ness and Frank Polievka
  • Eric Altman
  • Bill Bean
  • Adam Bonnett
  • Rosalyn Bown
  • Brian Cano
  • Bob Christopher
  • Captain Jack
  • Frank Cinelli
  • Greg Crump
  • Chris Dedman
  • Gina DeLuca
  • Nina DeSanto
  • Christopher Dicesare
  • Shaman Fillhart
  • Chris Fleming
  • Ghost Detectives
  • Jason Gowin
  • Britt Griffith
  • Brooke Haramija
  • Jonathan Hodges
  • Michelle Houchens
  • J. V. Johnson
  • Stacey Jones
  • Dave Juliano
  • Michael Koske
  • Steven La Chance
  • Deb and Nick Lantz
  • Tom Lialios
  • Jason Love
  • Chris Mancuso
  • Dawn Marano
  • Mountain Gypsies
    Tess Hughes and Cat Young
  • New England Spiritual Team, Inc.
    Michael Carroll & Elisabeth Pfeifer
  • Chris Nicoletti
  • Dustin Pari
  • Debra & Tony Pickman
  • Chris Quaratino
  • Keith Ramsey
  • Benny Reed
  • Carmen Reed
  • Johlene Spooky Riley
  • Kelly Schloer
  • Dave Schrader
  • Teddy Skylar
  • Suzanne Sorrell
  • Rob Szarek
  • Lisa Terio
  • Chris Vickers
  • Travis Walton
  • Jason Wasley
  • Katrina Weidman
  • Glenn White
  • Aimee Zaffis
  • Chris Zaffis
  • John Zaffis
  • Ali Cotton - Photographer

Event Highlights:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Activities
  • Lectures
  • Monster Mash
  • Shows
  • Movies


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Holiday Inn Conference Center of York

2000 Loucks Rd York, PA 17408
Phone: (717) 846-9500 Fax: (717) 767-1973


Vendor Information:

If you would like more information regarding a vendor table at Phenomenology 107, please click on the PDF link below. You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded here.

June 18th - 21st, 2015

Full Event Admission:
$150 per person

Full admission includes:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Activities
  • Lectures
  • Monster Mash
  • Shows
  • Movies
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One Day Admission Ticket:
$60 per person

Choice of Friday OR Saturday and includes lectures and vendor room.
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*All event sales are non-refundable. Guest celebrities, event details, and pricing are subject to change without notice. All images are copyrighted and property of their respective owners. Event pricing does not cover hotel, food, or additional transportation. Additional fees and conditions may apply.


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